Meet Our Minister

Meet Kyle Graham

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, I was brought to a saving knowledge of Christ early in life at nearly six years old.

I am thankful that there aren’t many memories of a time before I knew and understood the gospel. I was taught from the Bible by my parents on a regular basis and their labour bore fruit when I came to an understanding of my sinfulness before a holy God, and also of the great work which Christ had accomplished for me when he died on the cross in my place, and by grace, I came to Christ.

Growing up there have been many times when my heart has been colder to the things of God than it ought to have been, and there have been times of apathy when there ought to have been zealousness, but I am thankful that by God’s grace, my eyes have continued to be fixed upon Christ. The Lord who saved me has also kept me.

When I came to the end of secondary school, I entered into Queens University Belfast to study structural engineering, and it was in my second year there that the Lord convinced me of his call to enter full time Christian service. Prior to this, I had come into contact with the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster and although originally I would not have agreed with the stand of the denomination in every area, yet I appreciated a denomination that took their Bible seriously, that sought to teach it, learn from it, and also obey it. Here was a people who were prepared to stand by their convictions. Over time I gradually came to appreciate the stand of the denomination and am glad to belong within the Free Presbyterian ranks.

After switching from a four year Masters degree to the shorter Bachelor degree and completing it, I began making preparation to enter Bible college, was accepted for training in 2011, and eventually licensed by our Presbytery in September 2015. During my second year in Bible college I married my wife Eppie and we now have one daughter named Abiah. As a family we have come to South Australia feeling the challenge of the great commission that we are to go “into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

We have settled into life far away from our previous home, but the needs are just the same. Sin’s effects are seen clearly in all of our lives, families, and our society and the great need is the preaching of the gospel, in the power of the Holy Ghost, setting forth Jesus Christ, the Saviour from sin. It is only the message of Jesus Christ that can meet man’s greatest needs.

I invite you to come and meet with our congregation here in Port Lincoln to worship God, and I assure you that I will endeavour to faithfully teach the gospel, praying for the help of the Holy Spirit.

Rev Kyle Graham